Introduction of shredder blade knowledge

Shredder blade has three types: integral type, welded type and mechanical clamping type. The overall structure is to make a cutting edge on the cutter body; the welding structure is to braze the blade to the steel cutter body; there are two mechanical clamping structures, one is to clamp the blade on the cutter body, and the other is It is to clamp the brazed cutter head on the cutter body. Cemented carbide blades are generally made of welded structure or mechanical clamping structure; ceramic crusher blades are all made of mechanical clamping structure.

Shredder blade is the part that generates and processes chips, including structural elements such as the blade, the structure that breaks or rolls up chips, the space for chip removal or chip storage, and the passage of cutting fluid. The working part of some blades is the cutting part, such as turning tools, planers, boring cutters and milling cutters; Knives and taps etc. The function of the cutting part is to remove chips with the blade, and the function of the calibration part is to smooth the machined surface and guide the crusher blade.

Shredder blade have a great influence on the cutting efficiency and processing quality. Increasing the rake angle can reduce the plastic deformation when the rake face squeezes the cutting layer, and reduce the frictional resistance of the chips flowing through the front, thereby reducing the cutting force and cutting heat. However, increasing the rake angle will reduce the strength of the cutting edge and reduce the heat dissipation volume of the cutter head.

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