Plastic Shredder Blades

Shredder Blades / Cutter

The shredder blades / cutter is mainly installed on the plastic shredder machines,
crushing or cutting the chunk plastic or plastic cement into small-sized particles.

Plastic Shredder Blades

1. Material: D2,SKD11,SKD61,DC53...
2. Hardness: HRC56-60 according to customers request.
3. Triple tempt for optimum wear resistance.
4. Precise heat treatment.
5. Excellent cutting longevity and wear resistance.
6. High intensity,high toughness,small thermal deformation.
7. Blades are eliminated unwanted and uncontrollable residual stress.


About Sweeu

SWEEU KNIVES JIANGSU CO.,LTD. is a Sweden-China technology joint manufacturer that is devoted to the R&D and production of multi-application high quality machinery knife. Our blades / cutter are widely applied to renewable resources recycling, plastics, rubber, metallurgy, chemical, electronic, textile, packaging, printing, paper and wood processing industries.

Plastic Shredder Blades
Plastic Shredder Blades
Plastic Shredder Blades
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