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Shredder Blades Appl…

Shredder Blades Application

By: SWEEU 2021-09-07
Shredder Blades Application:

Plastic shredder blades are also called plastic mechanical blades, with complete specifications, high-quality steel, and good sharpness and wear resistance. Plastic shredder blades are mainly used for crushing in the plastic machinery industry and rubber machinery industry. Like other blades, plastic shredder blades require precise geometric tolerances to ensure good assembly quality with the machine.

Shredder Blades Application-ruiou

Plastic shredder blades need to be selected according to the different needs of different users and crush different objects. The shredder blade needs a suitable blade angle, which not only maintains the sharpness of the blade, but also enables the blade to have a certain strength without chipping during use. The shredder blade needs a good heat treatment process to achieve the suitable hardness and small internal stress of the blade, and the shredder blade will not be deformed during use.

Packaging & Shipping:
PE coated wax paper keep air/water/humid away,thus rust-proofing.
Bubble Wrap increases the impact resistance ability.
Special designed plastic cover gives special care to knife edges.
Corrugated boxes or Wooden crates provide superior protection and stack-ability.
Price Terms FOB,CIF
Loading Port/Airport Shanghai,Ningbo or as required
Packing Details Plywood pallets and crates or as required
Lead Time 3~5 days
Payment Term T/T, LC, or as per request
Production Environment:

Sweeu Knives Jiangsu Co.,ltd. is a Sweden-China technology joint manufacturer that is devoted to the R&D and production of multi-application high quality machinery knife. Our blades / cutter are widely applied to renewable resources recycling, plastics, rubber, metallurgy, chemical, electronic, textile, packaging, printing, paper and wood processing industries.

Shredder Blades Application-ruiou