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Plastic Pulverizer Accessories

By: SWEEU 2022-04-18

Plastic Pulverizer Accessories Features:

1. Plastic pulverizer accessories of low power consumption, high output, simple structure, easy to install.
2. Grinding stone gap power and fixed knife, special adjustment method (three-stage), the new type of simple, easy to control the size of the power.
3. The main machine with wind and water circulation cooling system.
4. Can simply replace the high quality knives, reusable after grinding.

Plastic Pulverizer Accessories-ruiou

Plastic Pulverizer Accessories Instruction:

The pulverized material will be uniformly conveyed by the feed device to the grinding chamber and will be impacted by the high speed rotor. The rotor consists of several segments of discs and several blades. The material will be sheared, impacted and rubbed into powder. The qualified fine powder will enter the product collector with the airflow, while the coarse powder will return to the grinding chamber for further grinding.

Technical Parameter:

Grinding Length 1600mm (customized length available)
Specification of electromagnetic cupola 180*1600mm
Rev of the grinding head 1400r/min
Motor power of the grinding head 4KW
Working speed 0-20m/min
Max. and mix. Knife feeding 0.01-0.03mm
Specification of grinding wheel φ200*110*φ100
Adjustable angle 0~90°
Overall measure 3000*1000*1430mm
PE coated wax paper keep air/water/humid away,thus rust-proofing.
Bubble Wrap increases the impact resistance ability.
Special designed plastic cover gives special care to knife edges.
Corrugated boxes or Wooden crates provide superior protection and stack-ability.
Price Terms FOB,CIF
Loading Port/Airport Shanghai,Ningbo or as required
Packing Details Plywood pallets and crates or as required
Lead Time 3~5 days
Payment Term T/T, LC, or as per request

Production Environment:

Sweeu Knives Jiangsu Co.,ltd. is a Sweden-China technology joint manufacturer that is devoted to the R&D and production of multi-application high quality machinery knife. Our blades / cutter are widely applied to renewable resources recycling, plastics, rubber, metallurgy, chemical, electronic, textile, packaging, printing, paper and wood processing industries.
Plastic Pulverizer Accessories-ruiou