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Yes, we have more than 5 years experience in OEM service.

Yes, we could laser your logos on products for free.

The lifetime of blades depends on several factors. First is the cleaness of your recycling materials. Whether there is metals, sands or anything will cause damage to blades. Second is the output size of the recycled material, can be judged by the hole diameter of the screen and capacity of your machine. We can’t tell directly how long our blades will last without those information.

Material selection and hardness survey are critical for the sake of a quality knife and machine parts. We are firmly engaged in knife manufacturing, and had a good command of mechanics & property of different hot/cold die steels. Inspection on incoming materials is furthermore well taken care of. We have optical inspection equipment to improve the durability of our knives. We also developed long-term cooperation with domestic front line steel factory, which helps make us more competitive, and more importantly quality is ensured. We are serious and all our knife parts are always mechanical hydraulic forging while those parts from most of our competitors are not. For hardness, our knives are uniformly heat treated and triple tempered by vacuum furnace. Specific hardness range is set up for any specific working condition, thus giving better wear resistance ability and longer working life. We also provide liquid nitrogen cryogenic treatment according to customer requirement.

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