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MDD-1500D Knife Grinders

This model is our latest knife grinder,it is upgraded model of MF256 series, the latest version is equipped with touch screen, which is more convenient to operate.

  • MDD-1500D

The machine is self-designed with Germanic technique for the quick-wear plastic crusher blades sharpening, it is upgraded model of MF256 series. 

Equiped with electronic induction technique; Auto-feeding controlled by frequency converter. Variance of straightness is within 30 micron.

Technical Parameters

Max Working Length: 1500mm 
Max Working Width: 200mm

Working range: 0 ~ 1500mm with mobile motor.
Cup-shaped knife grinding wheel: Φ200×Φ110×Φ100
Angle of platform: 0~90°
Speed of grinding: 2.52m/min
Grinding motor:YZ112M-4 4KW 1400r/min
Overall measure: 3000×1000×1430mm

Weight: 2250kg

Knife Grinders MDD-500D

knife grinding machine.jpgknife grinding machine.jpg

Structural Features

Flat grinding face, imported series Y three phase asynchronous motor.
Maximum pre-grinding width: 180mm as to angle 22°.
Adjustable forward and backward grinding head.
Automatic and manual feed for wheel(Controlled by frequency converter when auto feeding, grinding space and time is adjustable).
Frequency converter controlled transmission.
Cantilever type structure.
Electromagnetic blade carrier.
Upgrade mechanical switch to induction electron switch.

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